• Professional Services & Areas of Expertise

Dr. Robert McIntyre, Ph.D.

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Boulder, CO 80302
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License: PSY2043


Professional Services & Areas of Expertise



Psychotherapeutic Treatment:

Standard outpatient psychotherapy emphasizing personality development issues; treating individuals, couples, and families for: relational problems, parenting, depression and anxiety, impulse control, anger management, and substance abuse

Group and individual psychotherapy of offenders, particularly including substance abuse involved offenders, offenders with severe mental illness, and individuals with anger management problems

Treatment-oriented Psychological & Neuropsychological Evaluations:

Psycho-diagnostic & neuropsychological evaluations for resolution of diagnostic dilemmas in difficult-to-treat cases

Recovery of function / treatment progress assessment following neurological insult

Assessment of neuropsychological status consequent to disorders of neuro-cognitive degeneration

Criminal Forensic Psychological Evaluations:

Pre-trial criminal case consultant

Evaluation of defendant capacity for knowing and intelligent waiver of rights

Evaluation of defendant capacity for cooperation with counsel and meaningful participation in defense

Evaluation of defendant capacity to know right from wrong and/or capacity to form culpable mental states that are essential elements of crime charged

Evaluation of risk factors for future violence or recidivism, strategies for effectively managing risk factors, and probability of defendant amenability to accepting effective risk factor management

Evaluation of defendant psycho-social history pertinent to mitigation of blameworthiness, and defendant probability for committing future violence inside secure facilities

Evaluation of juvenile defendant competence to proceed, level of maturity for potential transfer to adult court

Rebuttal of behavioral science evidence related to criminal forensic psychology

Parental Capacity Evaluations:

Evaluation of personality characteristics likely to enhance or detract from parenting abilities, such as presence or absence of serious psychological disturbance, adequacy of coping skills, and degree of interpersonal accessibility

Rebuttal of behavioral science evidence related to parental capacity

Civil Capacity Evaluations:

Evaluation of medical-surgical patient competence to make treatment decisions

Evaluation of psychiatric patient grave disability, and risks to harm self or others

Guardianship and Conservator-ship evaluations

Rebuttal of behavioral science related to civil capacities

Personal Injury Evaluations:

Evaluation of psychological or neuropsychological damages

Evaluation of liability for psychological or neuropsychological injuries

Rebuttal of behavioral science evidence related to personal injury litigation

Expert testimony for both prosecution/plaintiff/petitioner or defense/respondent:

In State, Federal, and Military Courts, Administrative Tribunals, and Civil Depositions, Dr. McIntyre has testified about competence to proceed, criminal responsibility, criminal sentencing factors, capital case mitigation, parental access and responsibility, adoption, child protection, civil capacities, civil commitment, security clearance, and personal injury matters.