• Drinking/Driving, DUI/DWAI

Dr. Robert McIntyre, Ph.D.

2305 Canyon Blvd., #205
Boulder, CO 80302
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License: PSY2043


DUI Treatment

For people charged with, or convicted of drinking driver offenses, Dr. Robert McIntyre provides the following Boulder DUI and DWAI treatment services, through his state licensed outpatient alcohol-drug treatment program known as Personal Growth Services (PGS), including:

  • Level I Education
  • Level II Education
  • Track A Treatment
  • Track B Treatment
  • Track C Treatment
  • Track D Treatment

Founded by Dr. McIntyre in 1983, Personal Growth Services (PGS) is licensed (License # 1097-00) by the State Of Colorado, Office Of Behavioral Health as an Outpatient Treatment Program offering Level I Education, Level II Education, and Level II Therapy.

DUI Treatment with PGS provides the following additional advantages:

  • Free Parking
  • RTD Bus Stop in front of our building: 2305 Canyon Blvd., Suite 205, Boulder, CO 80302
  • If you have lost your drivers license, please ask Dr. McIntyre about reinstatement

To schedule an intake interview or gain more information, please phone Dr. McIntyre at 303-442-7220, or email him at robert.mcintyre4@gte.net

Individual DUI Counseling

Individual counseling is an option available as part or all of any treatment program with Dr. McIntyre. One on one sessions are fifty minutes to one hour in duration and are private.

Group DUI Education & Therapy

Boulder DUI Level II Education and Level II Treatment Groups with Dr. McIntyre usually meet once per week, are two hours in duration, and are limited to a maximum of 12 persons per session to facilitate attention to each person's needs. Regular attendance is important for maximum benefit, because getting to know other members in your Level II Education or Level II Treatment group is a crucial aspect of the group process. If scheduling or other concerns do not work out for you, you may be able to change your schedule with Dr. McIntyre to better accommodate your needs.